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Posts tagged bizarre magic
How to Copy a Face

The incredible but true story of the one man who took things too far by volunteering for a highly experimental and controversial operation. SomeBODY once told him it couldn't be done, most everybody wanted to have none, but in the end, it all came down to one. This summer, Jason Murphy is... THE LAST SHREK

- editor and camera operator

Starting Fires with Batteries

Male. Early 40s. It's a grizzly scene, one we don't see often: spontaneous combustion. The block is taped off because it's procedure, but it's not really necessary here. He's encased, perfectly preserved behind a screen. It's as if he's on display, for all to see. There's a battery nearby. Nobody can figure out if the fire first caught the top of his head or his beard. He is only succeeded by one, his wife, Mrs. Willy.

- editor, camera operator, and researcher